May 26, 2022

26 - Week Body Transformation - Marcus Hughesâ?™ Success Story

26 - Week Body Transformation - Marcus Hughesâ?™ Success Story

As a member of Stronglife, Marcus Hughes has reminded us that the first step to achieving our goals is to alter our mindset! If you need support or motivation through your fitness journey, our Stronglife team is available to help — but we can't take all the glory! Marcus put in the time and effort, and it paid off handsomely!


Stronglife is all about making people's lives better.


Marcus Hughes completed his 26 weeks of our fitness program and has reached his initial goal weight of 85 kg! He’s extremely thankful to coach Brendan McCallum and the whole Stronglife team! Being over the moon about making it this far, he feels that this wouldn’t have been possible without the advice and support of our team.


Now he’s got his sights set on 75kg, and will hopefully get there in no time. There were highs and lows during the program, and challenges in getting past the weight gains through muscle growth and not seeing the results he thought he’d see on the scales. It was as much a mental challenge as much as it was physical.


His eating habits have improved and he’s now training almost every day, and feels great, with plenty of energy to keep up with his family and kids. He gave some kind words to those just starting out on the fitness journey – to believe that perseverance is key, and to have faith in the Stronglife system! Remember to continue what you’ve learned well after the program has ended. Stronglife for life!


Craft a new you in just 26 weeks!


Put aside whatever exercise regimens you are currently adhering to, because it's time for a new challenge or a break from the monotony of your typical routine! Making the decision to participate in an exercise routine is the first step toward improving one's fitness level. You have to be able to turn your initial motivation into a habit for any program you participate in if you want it to be truly successful.


Don't hesitate—jump right in!


Do you already feel like you're ready? A fitness challenge lasting for 26 weeks! In all candor, it's possible that you'll never feel completely ready to take on a fitness challenge. It makes no difference where you are coming from when you begin. This is your opportunity to get into the best shape of your life, so take advantage of it! In each of our sessions, we engage in high-intensity fitness training with the goals of decreasing body fat, increasing muscle mass, and enhancing endurance. The program is designed to condition you from head to toe, improving your strength and cardiovascular fitness while challenging your balance, coordination, and flexibility at the same time.


You’re no longer just going for a run, a walk, a ride, or a swim; you’re working towards conquering your fitness goal. Your health is everything. Make a difference in your life and let's get active! Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or a seasoned pro looking for something new, Stronglife has the best Online personal trainers in Australia who would love to help you out! Reach out to us today.


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