Nov 02, 2020

Getting Back To A Fitness Routine After Lockdown

Getting Back To A Fitness Routine After  Lockdown

Starting your fitness routine back up after quarantine? You may be feeling great physically and mentally, and be ready to rock, but it's super important to resist the urge to go all-in due to the natural adrenaline rush you're experiencing. Regular exercise has the potential to boost your immunity against viral diseases. And while the world is soaring with the spikes in COVID positive cases by the day, a sturdy immunity would be the only armor other than masks and hygienic practices. You might be tempted to get back to the gym and go too hard too soon. But here are some tips to consider before you start off.


Start slow

When choosing a working weight to use, go lighter than you normally would.  It will likely feel heavier than you would expect. Listen to your body – and then gradually increase the length and/or intensity of your workouts. Here's something to know. When people started working out after taking a break due to the lockdown, doctors saw an uptick in the number of injuries.


Recommendations: Start at 50% of what you used to do, whether it's cardio or strength training, and build back up. This way, your muscles, joints, and tendons will be very grateful. If you're lifting weights, look to reduce the amount of weight, the number of reps, or both and then increase it gradually.


Be consistent

Slowly easing your way to your fitness regimen will help you stay consistent and help achieve your fitness goals. Keep in mind that the main goal in the first few weeks back at the gym is to train just enough to improve your muscular endurance, technique, and to prepare your body for more intense loads in the upcoming weeks.


Familiarize yourself with your new environment

When you return to the gym, various new measures will have been put in place to keep everybody safe amidst the ongoing pandemic. Gyms may implement social distancing, in addition to introducing hand sanitizing stations and asking that clients exercise for a limited amount of time.


Stay hydrated and avoid junk food

When you go back to the gym, you may not take into account the fact that your body requires more hydration than usual. No amount of workout can defeat a diet that's high on junk, refined food, and alcohol.


Don't skip rest days

Don't jump into working out a six-days-a-week workout routine too soon. Recovery is a big part of being active and staying healthy. When you don't take a day off, your body doesn't get to take the necessary time to replenish your muscles.


Be patient with yourself

As much as it sucks to admit, you probably just aren't at the same level of fitness you were before. Your mile time might have decreased, but your overall fitness level looks very different and you need to give yourself some time. Constantly putting the pressure on to “do better” is not helpful at all. Give yourself the okay to have an off day or to exercise for 30 minutes instead of an hour.


Don't skip the warm-up

The first few weeks you are back at the gym are crucial. You need to take the time to warm up properly before your workout- even if it means cutting the actual workout down a bit. This is the time to train smarter- not harder.


Follow the safety measures

The mandatory public health and safety measures include social distancing, temperature checks, use of masks & gloves, and constant sanitation of hands. Your body has been on a long break and this leads to deconditioning which is why you need to adopt a health checklist to reduce the risk of contracting the virus.


Getting back on track

It's important to develop a new routine that works with the new normal. Don't try to fit the old schedule into this new world that is coping with a pandemic. Focus your attention on the postural muscles that may have switched off during lockdown – mainly the glutes, the abdominals, and the back extensors. Remember they may be lazy, and weak, so need extra care and attention.


Talk to a trainer

We, humans, are extremely careful while choosing the gas we put in our cars, the clothes we wear, the shoes we buy, but when it comes to training, it's mostly an “I'll just stay active” mentality. If you are going to make an effort for your body, why not offer it the best? We, at Stronglife, are always eager to help you find the most suitable fitness/weight loss program in line with your fitness goals and abilities. Our online personal training program is a boon during this pandemic. Whatever your need be – our online personal coaches can make it happen.


So, there it is…you can whip yourself right back into shape by implementing these simple tips. Sure, things are very different and a bit more difficult right now, but it won't last forever. So, get motivated and prepare your body & mind for the greatness that's coming your way! Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or a seasoned pro looking for something new or if you have any questions about your readiness for exercise the best personal trainers in Australia would love to help you out with a free initial consultation!Reach out today!

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