Nov 10, 2020

Ways to Keep Your Motivation Flying High

Ways to Keep Your Motivation Flying High

Willpower is a fickle thing. Some days it's strong, while other days it's gone. That's why you can't rely on just your willpower to build a healthy habit. Human beings need some sort of system or routine and accountability. Self-motivation drives people to keep going even in the face of set-backs.


Understand your "why"!

The essence of what you desire is where the true motivation lies; it is your touchstone. Being clear about what you're working for can give you the motivation to stay on course. Here's a slacker hack to help you stay motivated. Whether it's for your workouts, your meal prep, or anything else you're doing in your life. Are you ready?


It's TAKING THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE! This is actually backed by science. Researchers at University College London found that people naturally chose tasks that required the least effort, without even realizing they were making that choice. Whenever given options, they naturally gravitated toward their easiest choice.


Well, how to apply this principle in fitness?


Since many people tend to skip their workouts, let's talk about that. Some days you will naturally be more motivated than others. Here's what to do instead of skipping your workout altogether or being discouraged on those days you aren't feeling it.


Commit to just 5 minutes of exercise or do a workout you find the easiest! That could be taking a walk or stretching out vs. running or lifting weights.


During the workout, you might find your motivation returns – thanks to the "feel-good" hormones that your body releases in response to exercise – and it will spur you to do more. or you might find that you're happy with the "least" amount. Either way, you will have gotten a workout in, and helped reinforce your healthy habits. You can apply this strategy to anything in life that you're trying to accomplish if you're having a hard time getting motivated. Something is always better than nothing, don't you think?


Get started!

Your alarm goes off early and you're like, "I don't want to get up and work out." You make excuses like "it's going to be hard" or "I'm too tired". But these are almost always incorrect. So get up and do your warmup. Set a timer and start your workout. If after five minutes you still don't want to be doing it, then you are free to stop. In most cases, once you get started, you will realize it was not hard after all. It might even be kind of awesome!


Go for a short run

Sometimes, a short run can get the blood flowing and take us from a sedentary state to one that's primed and ready to take action. If running isn't something that interests you, find some other short burst of exercise you can do for at least 10-15 minutes. The point is just to get active.


Make a "gratitude list"

Motivation can come from unlikely places. When you write out a gratitude list, you detail the things that you don't take for granted in your life. This has a profound effect on your attitude, well-being, and desire for motivation.


Hit the gym

One of the best decisions you will ever make is deciding to hit the gym regularly. If you are tired and fed up with not being able to reach your fitness goals over and over, try to make fitness a habit. Making workouts more fun and not viewing them as a punishment will always keep up your motivation.


Have a dollar jar

Keep putting dollars in a jar for every workout you complete. Then spend that cash on something you've been wanting. It might be that fancy fitness tracker, some cool new free weights, or even a pair of kicks - anything fitness-related that you've been wanting to try out for a while.


Mindfulness today leads to mindlessness tomorrow!

The more mindful we are today of establishing routines, the more mindless it will become it in the future, the more habitual it will become, the less work it will become, and we'll start to do these things just out of habit.


The miracle of self-motivation

When a problem arises, acknowledge that you are unique with your special talents and gifts. Appreciate yourself by reflecting on all the wonderful things that took place for you and the changes they have brought along. You can turn failures into brilliant opportunities. You can set daring goals and reach them!


Consider working with a personal trainer / an online coach to stay accountable!

The thing that can get you motivated for workouts can be to hire a personal trainer. It might sound excessive for some, but having that one-on-one scheduled time can make you accountable. Listening to your personal trainer and staying on track with your personalized online fitness training programs can help you reach your fitness goals in no time. The best fitness trainers are here at Stronglife offering online fitness programs now helping men exclusively to achieve their weight loss goals.


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