Apr 29, 2022

26 Week Fitness Program - Mitch Bacons Success Story

26 Week Fitness Program - Mitch Bacons Success Story

Stronglife member, Mitch Bacon, reminded us that the first step towards our goals is fixing our mindset! Even on the hard days, our Stronglife team is here to help you through and keep you motivated - but we can't take all the credit! Mitch put in the work and absolutely smashed it!


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Mitch Bacon hesitantly enquired 26 weeks ago knowing that he was at a point in his life where he needed to make a change in both his mindset and his life moving forward. Mitch was not only unhealthy and heavy but also miserable at the thought of getting out and enjoying the day-to-day excitement of life. Knowing that he has been the person in the past who starts something full steam ahead only to veer off a few weeks in, when not seeing the results. He wanted to feel as good as he believed he should.


There had been times when he’d felt a little deflated thinking that he should have seen bigger changes. However, having a coach and team 100% behind him at every turn throughout the journey has seen him take all the progress in his stride. He stayed positive and pushed on, more determined than ever to better the outcome week after week. Not only was the learning curve life-changing for him, but the knowledge and personal growth have helped him gain the most momentum he has ever achieved before. He was extremely happy to consistently show progress and make more informed decisions with regard to his nutrition along with many other aspects of his life.


It has now become an exciting part of his day/week when prepping meals and planning out his meals ahead rather than a chore of sorts that he used to see it as. Mitch expressed his thanks to our coach Tony and the Stronglife Team for helping him turn things around!


After 26 weeks, Mitch Bacon's life changed for good. What he’s achieved is no mean feat!


  • Lost 16 cm off his waist
  • Lost 9.5 cm off his hips
  • Lost over 12kgs in weight

He has now gained a leaner body with defined muscle which had been his desire for so long. His journey isn’t over yet. His personal fitness goals are now within reach and he’s gunning for them!


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Mitch has not only reached his goals but created long-lasting lifestyle changes that he can carry on beyond the program! We, at Stronglife, have helped 3755+ males over the age of 30 achieve their healthiest bodies ever! At the beginning, many of the men were exhausted, overweight, overworked, and devoid of enthusiasm for the task at hand. But after the program, they have regained their stamina and physique and achieved a better state of mental health.


It's always a good time to experiment with a new fitness plan! Making regular exercise a top priority in your life is the first step in bettering your overall health. Looking for a place to achieve your fitness objectives? Get trained by the best personal trainers in Australia from Stronglife. Contact us to learn more about our personalized fitness programs. Contact us right away!


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