Aug 04, 2022

Key Benefits of Protein for Health and Athletic Performance

Key Benefits of Protein for Health and Athletic Performance

Protein occasionally grabs some headlines for being unhealthy, but the research never stands up. Ask anyone 'what is the function of proteins in the body?' And the answer that you are most likely to get is that Protein for Muscle-Building. But what you should know is that while proteins are macro-nutrients that are essential for building muscle strength, their role in the body is not limited only to that function.


Proteins play an important role in maintaining fitness in an individual. Protein nutrition helps to recover from heavy workouts. There are benefits of a high protein diet, not only for fat loss but also for overall health. One of the core Stronglife habits is to eat 3 serves of lean protein per day, with each serving consisting of at least 20-30g of actual protein. The best way to get protein is by eating best Protein Foods which is animal-based foods like meat, milk, eggs, and fish.


For reference, a lean protein like chicken contains about 30g of actual protein per 100g. Now there are a few reasons this habit, and the protein, protein meal itself, is so beneficial:



  • Protein has a thermal effect when we eat it. This means that 20-30% of the calories in the protein we eat are actually burnt after we eat it - essentially, increasing our metabolism
  • Protein helps us build and maintain our muscle mass, which is key to ensuring that the weight we are losing is actually coming from body fat and not muscle
  • Protein not only creates the building blocks for muscle, but it also works to rebuild and repair everything in our bodies from our immune system & bones to ligaments and tissue
  • It's more filling and study after study has proven that it can help reduce cravings
  • It plays an important role in producing and regulating our hormones
  • Protein is not only helpful for fat loss but also important for overall health



Wherever possible, piggyback off your usual routine. It may be as easy as swapping a leaner protein (or correct portion size) into a meal you already routinely eat or swapping one of your snacks for a protein shake. The total amount of protein we end up consuming for the day is the most important factor - followed by spreading it out over at least 3 servings. This is why the habit of 3 servings of lean protein per day is perfect to achieve both.


Eating more frequently to speed up your metabolism is actually a complete myth!

Commonly Protein for Metabolism, Spreading your protein intake out over at least 3 meals will have some real benefits. It helps control our blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day and helps us maintain a consistent flow of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. We recommend building to at least 1.6g of protein per kg of your body weight, but don’t worry too much about this just yet. Your coach will be helping you hit these targets as your program progresses. For now, just focus on getting a minimum of three servings of lean protein per day. If you are vegan or vegetarian, we will provide you with a list of protein serves that are suitable for you.


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Adopting a high protein/low carb diet should be approached with caution. As with most aspects of life, balance is everything, so the amount of protein and the kind of protein are what’s important to keep you healthy. At Stronglife, we have the best personal trainers in Australia. Unlike most Weight loss programs; many Successful stories are available in our website. our online fitness coaches will push your body to its limits with personalized fitness plans. Reach out today! We will help you achieve your fitness goals online from the comfort of your home.


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