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Apr 07, 2021

Love Your Body!


Love Your Body!

Often we spend time focusing on our perceived flaws. We want you to put your attention towards what you love about your body, and always start your workout with that love in mind. Our bodies are amazing and when exercising and improving, it’s even better as it comes from a positive place. Learning to love your body will not happen overnight. Small daily efforts are key to slowly training your mind over time to stop being so critical and negative of your body. 


You work out to show love, not to punish.
We move our bodies to look after our bodies. We need to exercise to live healthier lives, to feel strong, to feel confident, and to feel happy. The miracle of changing how you feel about your body starts with committing to a change. In its essence, what this ‘body positivity' is really about is to love and be kind to your body. Part of that is taking care of your body, listening to what it needs, and giving it that. You can also shift the way you look at diet and exercise as something wonderful you do for yourself. Share that love with your body, our bodies are amazing. We are awesome, our bodies are awesome, and we are worth the work. 
Be appreciative of your body - It’s amazing
It’s powerful to recognize that the absence of self-love is not only unproductive but that it begins a spiral that takes you further away from the things that you want. Become aware of what your body can do each day. Our bodies are amazing instruments. The more we learn to cherish our bodies and how our body and mind work together, the more we’ll be in awe of how magnificent we are! Our body deserves more, so much more.
Exercise to feel good and be healthy
Identify the negative ways that you speak to yourself and make a decision to replace it with more loving and positive statements. Like any other relationship in your life, the one you have with yourself requires kindness and patience too. Always keep in mind why you exercise. It is rooted in love - a love for the amazing being that you are. Exercise gives you a chance to calm down or simply participate in activities that make you cheerful. Regular exercise can help you fall asleep faster. If you’re not a regular exerciser and you’re looking for a way to improve your sleep, starting an exercise routine can be a great strategy. It’s time to love working out for reasons other than weight loss and muscle gain. Even though achieving a physical goal is a worthwhile pursuit, there are more reasons to exercise than to simply look better. 
Exercise makes you happy 
Exercise renews your brain
Exercise improves your self-esteem
Exercise boosts your confidence
Exercise reduces stress
Exercise makes you more productive
Exercise prepares you to enjoy life
Let’s start talking about fitness and exercise more positively
Your body is going to be the home for your soul for the rest of your life so it’s in your best interest to treat it with the love and respect that it deserves. Making a change to your thought pattern is difficult. After all, we think without even thinking, right? If you find your negative thoughts are making their way into your regular conversations, start by refusing to speak to your body/ about your body in a negative way. Through simple changes in your mindset and little effort every day, you can improve the relationship that you have with yourself. 
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If you take care of your body, it takes care of you. Appreciate your body and find the desire to take care of it. Exercise is a true form of self-love. Exercise can boost your self-confidence, energy, and mood. So what’s not to love? 
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