Jul 13, 2020

Staying Focused on Your Fitness Goals during the lockdown

Staying Focused on Your Fitness Goals during the lockdown

The current COVID-19 crisis has created a world in which people are learning to stay active from afar through online personal training. But we do think there is a silver lining to this quarantine – you will come out of this resilient, with stronger positive habits than before! Fitness is a beautiful thing that can change every aspect of your life in a positive way. Wonderful changes happen in life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of yearning control over what you don't. The fact is simple. You are not in control of everything. However, you can focus on what is within your control and play the odds. Agree, there will still be disappointments, and things you can't control will sometimes throw a wrench into your plans. But you need to power through. There are so many things that you could do during the lockdown like watching your favourite TV Show, focus on something that interests you like a practicing hobby, keeping body and mind healthy through exercise routines.


If you can do these three simple things each day, you're focusing on things you can control!


#1 Attitude

Positivity is contagious. Everyone knows that not getting regular exercise can be bad for health. But here's a twist - According to a recent study, just thinking that you're not exercising as much as you should, can be harmful, too. Try and be the most enthusiastic person you know. See how much this impacts your fitness in a positive way. Commit to consistency. One of the biggest hurdles to obtaining fitness is consistency in your efforts.


#2 Effort

Do you remember this old-age adage - “How do you eat an elephant?” One bite at a time. Fitness does not happen overnight. Show up and do the work, every day, one day at a time. Stack these hard-working days on top of each other and eventually you naturally reach your fitness goal. Put in the effort of small daily steps that will create the momentum needed to ignite the drive in your mind and body.


#3 Take action, every day.

Grab your notepad and a pen. Start now…. not Monday, now. Focus on what you can control to ensure your life works out the way you want. There can be a lot of variables in your life and you can't control many of them. Focus on what you can control and watch your life change. I promise it's not a cliché, it's the truth.


Taking control of your health is ultimately going to help you in numerous ways. There are many other benefits:

  • Makes you feel happier
  • Keeps your brain functioning sharp
  • Improves your daily functions
  • Boosts your confidence level
  • Improves your sleep

Set realistic goals

It's important to be realistic about your fitness journey and not set difficult targets which will only leave you feeling disappointed if you don't meet them. Refrain from setting only superficial goals. Try to link goal-setting to deep, meaningful achievements. Getting in shape for a wedding is fine, but should not be the endpoint; rather it's just the first milestone on a lifetime of wellness.


Remember why you started

When you are finding it hard to muster up more motivation, remember why you started in the first place. You can keep fitspiration photos on your phone or write down your goals and put them in a place where you see it every day. Remind yourself you are getting closer to your goal with every workout.


Always be looking for new opportunities to work out!

Trying to find the best personal trainer for your specific needs can be a tricky business. Planning ahead is the key to achieving any fitness goal. Whether you want to get fit, lose weight, or generally improve your wellbeing, we have the best online personal trainers who can help. Our personal trainers at Stronglife, Pointcook will customize your fitness plan as we believe fitness is not a one size fits all policy. Every client journey starts with a conversation. Our aim is to keep you motivated throughout this lockdown and help you keep your health goals and fitness on track through our online fitness cahallenges run by our motivating personal trainers. Our focus is to get you going so that you can get the results that will leave you happier, more confident, and get on with living your best life.


Train with the best fitness coaches in Australia!

What better way to hold yourself accountable than to commit to personal coaching? Our fitness coaches are experts who will be happy to help. Do something now that your future self will thank you for! If you are interested to challenge yourself via online training programs & personal training, get in touch with us today.

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