Dec 21, 2020

Helpful Tips to Snack Smart

Helpful Tips to Snack Smart

Yes, you can eat snacks and still reach your fitness goals! Find snacks that are healthy, provide nutrients, and curb hunger so you don’t overeat.When you reach for a snack, stop and take a moment to tune in to your body first. Snacking in between meals is an effective way to add those extra nutrients in the diet which are usually missing in our daily food intake. Aside from hunger or thirst, emotions like stress and boredom might also send us seeking snacks.Healthy snacks can help hold you over until the next meal, without getting too hungry.


Shop sensibly

It all begins with shopping right. When shopping, bypass the section that houses junk food. Check the label for calories per serving, fiber content, and other nutritional information. Stock up your inventory with healthy snacks. This is to help prevent you from grabbing the most convenient snack which may be high in calories, especially when you are craving it.


Snack mindfully

Are you feeling hunger, or is it thirst or boredom? Sometimes the drive for a snack can be satisfied by a glass of water or hot beverage – no, not hot chocolate! Allow yourself small servings of healthy higher calorie foods so that you don’t feel deprived. Let’s toss the excuses aside and run through some of the healthy, nutritious munchies that you should beat the top of your shopping list.

  • Whole-grain toast with almond butter
  • Low-fat or fat-free cheese
  • Plain low-fat yogurt with fruit,
  • Fruit and veggie smoothie
  • Whole grain crackers
  • Fresh fruits such as apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, strawberries, and watermelon
  • Raw vegetables like carrots, celery, cucumber, etc. with a low-fat dip or dressing
  • Low-fat cheese, yogurt, or homemade fruit smoothies.
  • Energy bars
  • Buttermilk, coconut water
  • Nuts and dry fruits
  • Sprouts and salads
  • 2 squares of dark chocolate
  • Air-popped popcorn

Eat proper meals

If you want to snack smart and less, it is super important that you eat enough. Eat enough so that you fill yourself sufficiently, else the cravings might keep coming. Make sure to add the fats and carbs your body requires to function properly.


Replace candy with fruit

Whenever you do crave something sweet and can’t stop yourself, replace your candy with something healthier like fruits. Fruits like bananas, apples, berries, etc. can suppress your cravings and keep you satisfied for longer. For example, bananas can be one of the favorite snacks because it’s portable, it’s nutrient-dense, and it’s clean. Plus, it tastes good. It will help you falling into the trap of eating junk or processed foods (or eating TOO much at your next meal).


Go nuts

Unsalted nuts and seeds make great snacks. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, cashews, hazelnuts,and other nuts & seeds contain many beneficial nutrients. Nuts have lots of calories, so keep portion sizes small.Packed with protein and nutrients, they help you power through the day. They also help with your cravings.


Choose baked, not fried.

Fruits and vegetables are not good in just any form. Always go for the baked option and not the fried one.Savor your snack/ meal by chewing it slowly and thoroughly.


Tackle stress

Look for healthier outlets to address emotions like stress. The benefits of exercises and deep breathing will last much longer than a snack and can go a long way towards improving your physical and mental state.Always consider your long-term goal when you reach for a snack to make it the most optimal choice.


Pack a snack wherever you go

Running errands? Visiting a relative? Heading for grocery shopping? Make sure a healthy snack is packed and ready in your bag.As boring as “healthy snacks” might sound, you’d be surprised at just how tasty they are and how easy they are to tote around with you on the go.


Don’t completely deny yourself anything

If you love chocolate, reward yourself with a little piece every once in a while. If you love ice creams, have a small scoop rarely. Don’t completely deny yourself anything, but simply limit it. Stop fighting the munchies!


Fitness and snacking

Follow the tips above to make sure that your snacking habits are healthy ones! Along with getting more physical activity each day, you should also choose healthy snacks to help you be active at your best and if you always find yourself feeling hungry at a certain time of the day, like mid afternoon you can actually PLAN your snack ahead of time!If you are looking for the best personal trainers in Point Cook, look no further! Stronglife can get you into great shape through our individually tailored online personal training. We offer, best online fitness programs, and nutritional advice for men/women looking to lose weight and live a healthy life..

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