Mar 26, 2020

Online 21-Day Fitness Challenge

Online 21-Day Fitness Challenge

StrongLife has been coming up with new ways to stream classes and make people make healthier choices. Read on to know about our Online 21-Day Challenge.


Many of you are left looking for ways to stay in shape during the pandemic. In this unpredictable time, maintaining a grip on normalcy seems like one of the most important tasks. Even more than usual, we have a very good reason to exercise! The good news is there is no reason for you to forego exercising, even if you are at home. Being quarantined is a golden chance to keep track of your habits and incorporate a workout routine. It gives you some extra time to dedicate to working out. Exercising is recommended to stay healthy, especially at this time of high stress and anxiety.


Why should you do the 21-day Challenge?


Physical fitness trainer in point cook is an important coping mechanism for people trying to keep anxiety at bay and maintain good health and well-being. Working out contributes to good health, which in turn helps us maintain sturdy immune systems as well.

  • Stay positive amongst the chaos
  • Crush your fitness goals
  • Boost your immune system
  • Focus on things you can control like working on your body and mind

What do you get with the 21-day Challenge?


Online Web Portal

Get access to our online education course, focus on implementing a new habit each week, and unlock a new module every 7 days. You get access to our entire recipe books – plant-based, low carbs, high protein, & a lot more.


Daily @ Home Workouts

Without going to the gym, get the perfect workout regimen fully customized by your coach to suit your goals and individual needs. We are even loaning our equipment out for free if you are local.


Customized Individual Nutrition Plan

Our unique approach is simple, easy to follow gets great results and is actually sustainable. Fully customized by your coach each week, this isn’t just a diet!


Private Members Group

Experience the best support from the best community you have ever seen! Get the support, education, and accountability from our 6 StrongLife coaches 6 days per week.


Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Members can interact, ask our coaches questions and we will make sure to give you the information and inputs you need.


Weekly 1 to 1 Coaching Call

We keep everything 100% individually tailored so we run rings around the typical cookie-cutter online programs.


Our coaches facilitate your success by giving you a clear game plan each week, as well as keeping you motivated throughout the challenge! We are only taking on 20 people per week to ensure we deliver the best results possible. Register with us today to get complete access to countless workouts designed by our trainers.


Book your strategy call here if you haven’t already.

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