Jul 01, 2020

Is Your Mindset Holding You Back From Achieving Your Fitness Goals?

Is Your Mindset Holding You Back From Achieving Your Fitness Goals?

Our mind plays a very powerful role in what we believe and how we think. What we think about ourselves and our abilities decides how we act and lead our life. Conscious or unconscious, how you choose to interpret your experiences can set the boundaries on what you can accomplish. In order to achieve anything, whether it is in the gym, at work, with relationships, etc., we need to be aware of our approach and things that are getting in the way of our goal. Dr. Carol Dweck, one of the world's leading researchers in the field of motivation, defines mindsets on a continuum from fixed to growth.


"Fixed" vs "Growth" Mindset


A "fixed mindset" assumes that the character, intelligence, and creative ability of a person are static givens which cannot be changed. A "growth mindset," on the other hand, thrives on challenge and sees failure as a heartening springboard for growth and for stretching our existing abilities further.


Fixed Mindset:


Suggesting that your abilities, attributes, and talents are not changeable and is the way that it is, and all it'll be

  • If you're telling yourself things like
  • It's hard for me to lose weight
  • I'm not a natural athlete
  • I'm not creative
  • I procrastinate
  • I'm not good at ‘blah blah'


Then that is exactly what you will remain to be, only because your limiting beliefs are getting in the way of you making any progress.


Growth Mindset:


Suggesting that through the approach and actions you take, you are able to achieve set goals and develop positively no matter what it is.

Things like

  • I'm not the best at "blah blah" but I will be.
  • From "I can't do it" to "I need to work on this"
  • Trying new things, putting yourself where you are uncomfortable, to learn and grow. and realizing that your flaws do NOT define you.

Here are a few examples between the two:

  • Fixed mindset - you want to hide your flaws so you're not judged or labeled a failure
  • Growth mindset - your flaws are just a TO-DO list of things to improve.
  • Fixed mindset - you stick with what you know to keep up your confidence.
  • Growth mindset - you keep up your confidence by always pushing into the unfamiliar, to make sure you're always learning.
  • Fixed mindset - failures define you.
  • Growth mindset - failures are temporary setbacks.

Fitness and mindset


Building lean muscle, increasing endurance, and burning fat are all physical actions. But they wouldn't happen without your mind. It all comes down to two different ways of thinking: a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. For example, if you think your body weight is something you can change by changing your diet and better exercise habits, you have a growth mindset. If you think your body weight is mostly determined by your genes and you can't do anything about it, you have a fixed mindset.


Having a growth mindset is essential for success!


The term "growth mindset" has become more and more popular, and for a good reason. A growth mindset will get you the farthest over the long-term, and that's the healthiest goal to have. Start small if you need to. Have realistic goals. Be flexible and think about health and fitness habits that you can realistically maintain each day, and then build up from there. A person with a fixed mindset is constrained by their beliefs and thoughts. They think of failures as a validation of their lack of intelligence and their limited abilities that prevent them from achieving their goals. They give up easily with the fear of failure and a belief that they cannot improve. A person with a growth mindset finds freedom in their thoughts and beliefs.  They take joy in the learning process that comes from seeking new information, forming new strategies, and taking inspiration from others. They embrace difficulties and challenges as a means to develop new skills and grow.


How to develop a growth mindset?


Work on developing new habits

First things first, start working on creating new routines and habits. Trust your talents and skills to help you pave way for better opportunities.


Persist for longer

In order to develop a growth mindset, you need to have perseverance. Dedication towards a goal, without giving up on the way is a ladder to success. You should have the ability to overcome setbacks with optimism and give yourself the liberty to make mistakes.


Embrace challenges



Stop the "fixed mindset" inner voice

Have you ever thought "I can't do this" or, "I think it's a bad idea"? Then that is exactly what you will remain to be, only because your limiting beliefs are getting in the way of you making any progress.


Push the limits

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. So, if you want to have a growth mindset, you've got to push the boundaries and progressively set new limits.


Realize that you can always improve

Neuroscience has helped further our knowledge in that our brains are very malleable and through training our brain we can grow and improve it.


Changing the way, you look at everything, including yourself, can totally change your life.


So, which mindset do you think you fall into? Fixed or growth?


Do not quit on fitness by blaming it on factors such as genetics, environment, athletic abilities, and other excuses. Treat your journey like a folk tale, and you'll have a great story to share! If you are looking for help to transform your mindset, need support to reach your fitness goals, or looking for a best personal trainer in Point Cook to keep you movitated, just reach out. Our fitness trainers understand your health goals, motivate you, and help you achieve your fitness goals with the best fitness program in Australia. Reach out today.

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