Sep 28, 2019

Pres and Post Workout Nutrition - Part1

Pres and Post Workout Nutrition - Part1

Pre / Post Workout Nutrition - Part1
Today I want to talk about pre and post workout nutrition (specifically carbohydrates) and the impact it has on workout performance.♂️
Pre-workout refers to before the workout 
Post-workout refers to after the workout 

In regards to performance, like mentioned in my previous post, Carbohydrates are our preferred source of energy.
Long story short, carbohydrates = glycogen, used for our muscle cell activity and blood glucose for our nervous system. 

So if we time our pre-workout meal which consists of carbohydrates correctly, we can ensure that our body is topped up with glycogen. Essentially helping with fatigue, and you’ll find that you can generally have a more intense workout. 
Carbohydrates post workout are going to replenish the glycogen used to fuel your workout.

In fact, pre AND post workout carbohydrates have been shown to be helpful in preventing your body from breaking down your hard earned muscle for energy during intense exercise. 

Carbohydrates will do the following before, during and after our workouts


  • Can increase training intensity 
  • Increase recovery in-between sets
  • Increase recovery in-between workouts
  • They have an anti-catabolic role on the body
So if you’ve been skipping meals and carbohydrates before training sessions, you could be missing out on some great workouts. 
If you’d like to learn more, or are interested in getting in touch for some training comment ‘I’M IN’ below.

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