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Ebony aka "Ebs" facilitator of the strong woman program.

Strong Woman Project

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Hi ladies coach Ebs here I have built and developed a program for women to build a strong sense of community through our Health and Fitness.

Increasing of Physical Strength, Mental Strength, Emotional Strength and Spiritual Strength !!

I wanted to build something that has an impact on women's lives, to build a network of women that empower each other, that build each other up !!

As apart of the Strong Woman Project we include your program and nutrition specifically tailored to you, we include community bootcamp training sessions, workshops surrounding women's health and hormones, sleep, mental wellbeing and so much more !!

If your ready to start the next step and start feeling as though you are apart of a community, achieving your goals, building strength and fitness send us a message today to get started !!!

  • Sick of feeling unhealthy, tired, stressed and run down?
  • Somewhere along the way you forgot about YOU?
  • The Strong Woman Program has been designed to help you find time to make your health and performance a priority so you can be the best mother, partner &/or person possible.
  • Would you like to learn how to get healthy and lose weight forever?
  • Heard weight training is good for fat loss but have no idea where to start?
  • Want someone who understands how female hormones influence fat loss?
  • Sick of the fad diets?
  • Learn how to manage your
    • Weight
    • Mindset
    • Training
    • Nutrition
    • Hormones
    • Motivation
    • Stress
    • Energy
    • Sleep



Strong Woman Project


Check out what one of our ladies have had to say about the strong woman project

" Before I joined the strongwoman challenge, I was in a really bad place. I had stopped working out, I was eating really bad food, and was subsequently put on a stronger antidepressant by my doctor. I was taking out all my frustrations on my wonderful husband and I really did not know what I wanted.

I saw this wonderful program being advertised on Facebook. It was looking for a few strong women who wanted to better themselves. I didn’t believe that I was a strong woman, but I needed to do something to get me out of the bad place I was in.

Since I have started this program, I have met some really great women. I have an amazing trainer, who is always positive and checks up on me. I am now eating well, (sometimes I slip, lol).

When I started, I was on the strongest antidepressants I had ever been on. As I write this it has been a little over a month without any medication at all. I am in the best place of my life. It has made me more patient with my kids and I no longer blame my husband for everything that goes wrong in my life.

I have learnt to appreciate what I have, and everyday I look forward to going to the gym. It is more than just exercising, its about a community. I used to be so obsessed with my weight. I had a chat to my trainer (Ebony), and I explained to her that I did not want this to be about weight, I did not want to be weighed anymore and she completely understood and she said I didn’t have to. This has become about living a healthy lifestyle and being the best version of me.

I would highly recommend any woman to do this. I already told my friends about this and they have also been seeing a change in me. They are looking forward to joining next year. "


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