Feb 27, 2022

Success Story 26 Week Online Fitness Program for Men

Success Story 26 Week Online Fitness Program for Men

The key to getting results at the gym or at home is consistency. You'll need a lot of motivation and drive to stay consistent. This is a significant barrier for many people. Life gets in the way, and you have less time to devote to your health and fitness as a result of prior commitments. Your motivation suddenly dwindles, and you stop seeing results as a result of your lack of consistency. It's a never-ending cycle. So what’s the solution, you ask? Get moving with Stronglife’s 26-Week Fitness Challenge!


A big shout out to Stronglife member, Tom Hinton! 14 weeks in and down more than 20kg and 16cm! Keep it up, Tom!


Here’s what Tom had to say about his life-changing journey at Stronglife:


"Hi all, I'm now just started week 14 of my program, so far I've lost 21.5kg and 16cm off my waist, but the biggest thing I've found was I took my kids to Wet and Wild on the Gold Coast on the weekend, did over 13000 steps but at the end of the day I still had heaps of energy to keep up with them. My journey has had a few ups and downs along the way bit with the help of my coach Dan Wait I've kept on track and I'm looking forward to seeing just how far this program can help me go. So to anyone just starting this program will help you get your life back, so Thank you Stronglife Project".


Sculpt your body from head to toe


Men aged 30 and up have benefited from our assistance in getting into the greatest shape of their lives! Many of them were exhausted, overweight and overworked when we first began working together. But with the Stronglife fitness program, they now have a lot of energy, youthful stamina, and a physique that would make men half their age envious! Today is an excellent day to branch out and try something new. Making regular exercise a priority in your life is the first step in improving your overall health and well-being. The success of any fitness program is dependent on its capacity to maintain its initial level of enthusiasm over an extended period of time. And we, at Stronglife, do that perfectly!


Stronglife – Changing lives for good!


Fitness challenges gamify exercise and make health and fitness enjoyable. When you join Stronglife's 26-week challenge, you can expect long-term results. A fitness challenge is a good way to set a realistic yet challenging goal. Motivation and seeing progress go hand-in-hand. When you look at before and after photos and see a difference, it encourages you to keep going. Everything you need to know about nutrition and exercise will be given to you, so don't worry about it. From what to eat to when you should do your exercise, everything will be planned out and laid for youAll of this can be done online from the comfort of your own home..Want to be the strongest, fittest version of you? Our coaches facilitate your success by giving you a clear game plan each week, as well as keeping you motivated throughout the challenge!Try Stronglife today.


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 Chat with Our Fitness Expert!

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