“I thoroughly enjoy & love my training with my awesome coach, Brad. I truly owe him my special thanks and a big shout out for changing my lifestyle since 2014. With his wonderful coaching and incredible support since then, needless to say, he most definitely deserves to bring me that far.”


"With his periodic changes to my training and nutrition plans and his willingness to see my progress towards my fitness goals (during my recovery & always) made me reach new heights on my fitness and strength journey.


Since 2014, he has played a huge role in changing my lifestyle and proud to be his client. The distance between me and exercise is between the  moon and the earth until I started to train with him. Feeling super fit and strong in my 40s way more than when I was in my 20s. Massive Thanks to Brad Mickelssen and Stronglife for keeping my Strength & Fitness on track." -  Jeyanthi


Special shout out to Stronglife Client Jeyanthi!

Jeyanthi has come a long way in the last 18 months recovering from a back/neck injury that showed multiple disc bulges and nerve compression. 18 months ago Jeyanthi wasn't able to hold her handbag without severe pain. With lots of consistent hard work Jeyanthi is now almost completely pain free & stronger than she's ever been 💪💪.


  • Training pain free
  • Enjoying her Training & Health
  • Recently ran her first ever 5 km
  • Deadlifts 1.55 x her body weight 
  • BF% - 👇👇
  • Confidence - 👆👆

Next Jeyanthi will do her first ever pull up.
Congratulations Jeyanthi your persistence and dedication is awesome.


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