“Your professionalism and work-ethic is amazing. I’m amazed at your level of commitment and enthusiasm. You have the same energy levels dealing with everyone, even though you have a very tight schedule”


When Jeevan first started training with us he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to commit to the routine and thought he would give up after a few sessions. 6 years later and Jeevan is still going and has achieved some great feats.

Jeevan’s initial goals were to gain some lean muscle mass and for more overall fitness to help with other activities he enjoyed like playing tennis and playing with his kids.

We are Very proud of what Jeevan has achieved With us

  • Body Fat % Down - lost over 12cm from his waist
  • Stronger than ever
  • BW pull ups
  • 140kg Trap Bar Desdlifts
  • Strength to deal with previous injury’s
  • Gained overall fitness for tee is and his family
  • Maintained a consistent training & nutrition routine that he enjoys
  • Nice work Jeevan!

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