Jun 30, 2022

Hydrate like a King

Hydrate like a King

Why is drinking enough water so crucial to our health? A healthy balance of water and electrolytes (such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium) is essential for optimal body function because the human body is about 50–70% water. Water is necessary for the operation of every system in your body. Water regulates body temperature, moisturizes skin and body tissues, transports nutrients to cells, lubricates joints, and promotes regular bowel movements.


Some of your water intake will come from food, some from fluidslike coffee and tea, but most should be water.Ready to up your water game? Before you begin, here is some advice: Before you adjust your water intake, be aware of your baseline level of hydration. We begin to feel thirsty when we are just 1% dehydrated. We experience increased body temperature, fatigue, and a decline in both mental and physical performance when we are dehydrated by 5%. At 10%, we begin to feel delirious and experience blurred vision. If we reach 20%, we're likely to die.


Dehydration can cause low energy levels, dry skin, impaired digestion, increased fatigue, and brain fog. Follow these tips to feel your best and drink more water each day.


  • Carry a water bottle on you whenever you can, if it’s there you are more likely to remember to drink water.
  • Whenever you eat out get some water on the table and make sure you drink some
  • Set an alarm on your phone to remind you. If you find yourself forgetting to drink it, set 3 alarms to remind yourself for the next week to help with the habit.
  • For those of you that keep needing to get up halfway through the night to pee: If you’ve found this is happening to you since upping your water intake try to drink more of your water earlier on in the day. Smash a glass first thing in the morning.
  • Drink water before you feel thirsty. Your body is already dehydrated when you first start to feel thirsty.
  • Use the color of your urine as an indicator to know if you are drinking enough water.
  • Adding sliced fruits, vegetables, and herbs to your water is a great way to give it a bit of flavor without consuming extra sugar or sugar substitutes.
  • For a flavorful kick, try adding a few fresh raspberries and some mint, or add cucumber slices for a cool beverage.
  • You should always have a water bottle close at hand, just like you do with your phone.
  • A really simple (and tasty) way to increase your water intake is to amp up the spice in your food, such as by adding more hot sauce or peppers.
  • Take sips throughout the day. Don’t consume large quantities all at once.
  • Drink water before, during, and after physical activity.  


A good rule of thumb: Drink water all day. If you feel thirsty, or if you notice your urine is dark, drink more. Carrying a reusable water bottle with you is a good way to always have some on hand. But when it comes to high-intensity play, hydrating like a champ calls for planning ahead. The overall goal is to minimize dehydration without over-drinking. Adequate hydration varies among individuals.


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