Mar 24, 2022

26-Week Online Fitness Program ‚?ď Lincoln Rollo‚?ôs Story

26-Week Online Fitness Program ‚?ď Lincoln Rollo‚?ôs Story

In July 2021, Lincoln Rollo visited the doctor for a check-up. That is when he found out that his BP was over the roof and the doc said that a heart attack was imminent. “If you don’t change your lifestyle, you’d be dead in two years” – Imagine his shock when the doctor uttered these much-dreaded words. Lincoln knew he was unhealthyand intended to make changes. But time flew; he was then 47 years old and in the worst shape of his life.


That night he was drowning in sorrows and down in the dumps devastated. Scrolling through Facebook, he comes across an advertisement by “Stronglife Health & Performance”. Initially, he thought this was yet another gimmick, a Facebook scam with fake reviews. Yet, he went on to click and send a query. The very next day, he got a call from one of our fitness experts, Francis. When Francis asked him, “Are you in or out, and are you invested enough to change? Lincoln knew he was in.


Embarking upon Stronglife’s 26-Week Fitness Program on 9th August 2021, he says that it was extremely difficult for the first 4 weeks. He was barely able to walk a kilometer without taking a break and exercises were painful. But it slowly changed. The nutrition inputs were easy, simple and the food was great too. Lincoln says that his coach, Luke Wilson, was outstanding during the time, with unwavering support. Luke kept feeding Lincoln with lots of positivity, motivation, and kept track of him every step of the way.


A true journey of self-discovery at 47


After 26 weeks, Lincoln’s life has changed for good. 

  • Lost 34.6kgs - From 158.6kgs to 124kgs
  • 32 cm lost - Waist dropped from 142 cm to 110 cm
  • 18 cm lost - Hips dropped from 129 cm to 111 cm
  • BP dropped from 195/130 to 117/71    


Can you believe it? His doctor was amazed. Both his physical health and mental health are on the right path. Stronglife changed his life, he says. Life truly begins at 47 now, doesn’t it? Let's hear it for Stronglife member, Lincoln Rollo!Such a great reminder that it's never too late to start.


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Long-term results are guaranteed if you participate in Stronglife's 26-week fitness challenge. A fitness challenge is a great way to set a goal that is both realistic and challenging. The ability to see progress and be motivated go hand in hand. When you compare before and after photos and notice a difference, it gives you the motivation to continue. Don't be concerned about not knowing anything about nutrition and exercise; everything you need to know will be provided to you. Everything, from what to eat to when to exercise, will be planned out and laid out in front of you for your convenience. Do you want to be the healthiest and most physically fit version of yourself? Our coaches assist you in achieving success by providing you with a clear game plan each week as well as by keeping you motivated throughout the entire challenge! All this can be done online. Get in touch today!


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