Sep 10, 2019

What is Carbohydrate Tolerance?

What is Carbohydrate Tolerance?

What is Carbohydrate Tolerance? 


Carb Tolerance is basically what happens and what our body does with ingested Carbohydrates.

Eat carbs > turns to sugar molecules > said molecules are used for muscle+liver glycogen OR stored FAT. 


Let’s take what happens next step by step


From my last post on Carbohydrates, we know that our body breaks the macronutrient down in the stomach and small intestines into SIMPLE SUGAR MOLECULES.


When we have increased blood glucose, receptors in the pancreas picks this up.

The pancreas then secretes the hormone INSULIN to get the blood sugar out of the bloodstream


What insulin does? 


Insulin’s job is to get you back to a normal level of blood glucose. It directs that blood glucose in different directions.

e.g. Muscle Glycogen, Liver Glycogen, Fat storing cells.


 Factors that influence our Carbohydrate tolerance


  • Physical Activity
  • Insulin secretion
  • Genetics
  • Stress/Inflammation
  • Insulin Sensitivity/Resistance

The difference between Insulin Resistance and Insulin Sensitivity.

Insulin sensitivity = insulin secreted can easily transport blood glucose.

Insulin resistance = Cell is resistant to the effects of insulin, makes it harder to transport and deposit the glucose.


How is this going to affect my weight or body composition? 


Look, bottom line, ENERGY BALANCE (calories in vs calories out) IS and ALWAYS WILL be the #1 reason why people gain/lose weight. 

ALTHOUGH, Insulin resistance and impaired glucose metabolism are associated with weight gain and obesity.

Hope you’ve all gained something from this post!

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